Knitting might be slicker but crochet is quicker

For many years knitting has been my passion. I just loved the beautiful fabrics and patterns that could be made. I loved the feel of the wool between my fingers and the way it offered thousands of possibilities. I loved the joy of a finished article and the pleasure it brought myself and hopefully others. Once I had set my heart upon a project I couldn’t wait to get started.

Knitted scarf which took several days, pattern used is Spring Neckwarmer by Bonnie Sennott

But I didn’t love the amount of time it took to complete some projects. I am a fairly slow knitter so even a small baby blanket would take several weeks and as for an adult jumper….well that could run into months. Also , I found that boredom would often set in once I had mastered a pattern and I would soon be casting envious eyes at possible future projects. this led to many half finished articles. In the final stages of making something I would have to really push myself to make sure it was completed. Then would come the other part I loathed and hated. The tedious sewing up! Additionally, I rarely felt satisfied with the look of a finished garment once I had stitched it together. Sleeves seemed to be a particular bete noire. How many times have I held a finally completed jumper before me and then felt like hurling it across the room in disgust.

Jamie’s favourite hat,
which he thought he had lost during his travels in America,
only took a couple of hours to whizz up this replacement using the pattern Bouncy by Eleanor Burke

Then I discovered the joy of crochet! Wonderful , wonderful crochet. An intricate and huge blanket could be completed in the time it took to knit a jumper. So speedy so fast. A hat can be made in just a couple of hours .

My version of Helen Shrimptons fabulous Dream Weaver blanket

But hang on you say, it is harder to make jumpers and socks that fit well using crochet. Au contraire, it is possible to make good fitting garments and……they can be crocheted top down and so have no sewing up.

Made these in just one evening using wool bought 30 years ago for a knitted jumper I never finished!
(Pattern: Snuggly Slipper Socks by Jess Coppom)

Socks can be adapted to the width and length of the wearers foot during the making of them. Using slip stitch it is even possible to make a fairly good looking rib or you can always make a knitted rib if you prefer.

Crocheted jumper made from the yoke down, in the round with the sleeves included in the main pattern so no sewing up!!
Pattern: Snow Flowers Jumper by Simone Francis.

Just as with knitting the possibilities are endless………but oh so much quicker.

5 thoughts on “Knitting might be slicker but crochet is quicker

    1. Thank you, you are very kind. I am quite definitely a ” crochetaholic’ and find it very therapeutic as well as great fun. I really liked the post you have put up about sensory issues, this is something that really needs highlighting as it is often misunderstood. Nice to meet you too, Fiona x


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