Slightly better equipped….

Having learnt some lessons from our naive first camping trip in France we returned the following year slightly better equipped.

Our VW Westfalia camper had come with its own drive-away awning which was stored in the locker under the back seat. This was a rather strange affair. Bright orange, complete with a red and white circus stripy roof and door canopy and ….with the poles on the outside! Yes the poles were on the outside and the awning sort of hung from them. It attached to the side sliding door by a pole which itself fitted into a slot above the door….I think.

As ever, Gary “deshabille”….at breakfast with Laura and Jamie .
You can just make out 3 of the heavy duty copper looking poles from which the awning and canopy hung.

This gave us far more space when camping. So we took a fold down table and chairs, a portable suitcase BBQ and other vital necessities!
And Gary, do you remember that fateful BBQ?

Laura breakfasting in comparative luxury.
We actually had 4 chairs!!
One each!

Of course we hadn’t quite sorted out the travel arrangements. No longer penned into his travel cot, Jamie now took pride of place in the child car seat.Older sister Laura had to make do with perching beside him on the back seat…….but without a seat belt as the back seat didn’t have one!This wasn’t against the law at the time although it clearly is now and with good reason.

Exhausted children…a grumpy Jamie and a crashed out Laura travelling in rag doll mode.

7 thoughts on “Slightly better equipped….

      1. That’s cool! With our recent snow, I was just asking my mom for some old snow pictures for a throwback post. So fun to look back at these old pictures isn’t it!?

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