Arran Temperature Blanket


Finally made my choice of colours for the Temperature Blanket I intend to make during our 5 month stay on the beautiful Isle of Arran. I have tried to pick colours that I think reflect the colours of water, sky and landscape I have seen there.

I plan to use the gorgeous C2C Temperature Blanket MAL 2018 pattern by Esther Dijkstra as published in Its all in a Nutshell. But with some adaptations. As we are not there for a full year I intend to crochet 2 rows each day using minimum and maximum temperatures. I say intend as I often find that projects often seem to take a life of their own and end up being quite different in the end from my initial considerations.

I really enjoy C2C crochet and made my first blanket using this technique earlier in 2018 when I made my Be A Lochranza Deer blanket. This was made using Jess Coppom’s Be a Deer C2C Afghan pattern.

I was inspired to make this blanket by the many deer I saw at Lochranza last Easter.

Largely, my family will be so pleased to hear, I am using DK acrylic yarn from my gi-normous stash. The majority of which will be Stylecraft Special DK, I do so love Stylecraft yarns.

I am using DK even though I swore never to make a blanket again with DK weight yarn after my marathon efforts to produce the Opulent Blanket For Laura and Arya that I made using Veronika Cromwell’s Emerald Opulence pattern. That just seemed to go on forever.

Hey ho. Never say never!!!!

You are bound to regret it!

3 thoughts on “Arran Temperature Blanket

  1. How exciting to be starting a new project! Your palette looks great and I agree that you can’t go wrong with Stylecraft. I look forward to seeing progress reports in due course. 🙂

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