Why on earth did I do that…..???

Or, never say never!

Over a year ago following a blanket that took absolutely ages to complete I solemnly swore to never, ever, ever attempt another large project using DK yarn and small motifs i.e. Granny Squares. All that horrendous sewing up !

So why oh why did I do it?

Why didn’t I take a leaf out of one of Gary’s friend’s books! The story goes that against his better judgement he had been persuaded to go on a weekend “lads”sailing trip from Southampton to Cherbourg on a small yacht. He knew he suffered from dreadful sea sickness…Gary was once with him on a car journey which had to have an emergency stop so that he could get over violent nausea brought on by reading the car atlas. However on this occasion he was persuaded by his mates that after a few hours at sea he would get his sea legs and all would be fine and anyway the weather forecast was excellent.

Photo by Rene Asmussen on Pexels.com

Of course you have guessed what happened. He puked all the way to Cherbourg. He was so distressed by how ill he had been that whilst everyone else went off to explore the local bars he went and booked a return trip on a large and far more stable cross channel ferry. Then he nipped back to the yacht for a well deserved rest. He finally slept soundly as only those who have been wretchedly ill can. He woke up to discover that to his dismay the yacht had left the harbour and was homeward bound! However, on the bright side, he had finally found his sea legs and did indeed enjoy the rest of the trip.

But he was determined not to be fooled by this turnaround ever again and once finally home he made himself write out 200 lines which read….”I must never go on a boat ever again”.

So I feel that I need to write out 200 lines to say I will never do a big DK yarn project again.Because despite all that I said I did!

Today I have finally finished a cardigan ( Mod Tiles Cardigan by Universal Yarn) I began in November. It was already taking way too long , then when I sewed it up last week I discovered it was far too big! So I had to unpick it all, resize it and ………then of course decide to make it much longer than originally intended. Which of course meant I needed to do more flipping Granny Squares!

Was it worth it?

Not sure, I think its a bit too garish.

What do you think?

5 thoughts on “Why on earth did I do that…..???

    1. Ha, makes me think of the “When I am an Old Woman I shall wear Purple”. Poem by Jenny Joseph. I am certainly up for that….actually. I think I already fit some of the poems suggestions…like wearing slippers in the rain, sitting on the pavement when I am tired….and making up for the sobriety of my youth…….


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