And then there were 8…or was it 12….or……..?

Whatever it was definitely the more the merrier!

We were very lucky to be joined on our second camping trip to France by our very great friends the Eastwoods, Mike, Angie, Dan and Emma. Although, Emma at that point was only slightly more than a twinkle in her Dad’s eye . Dan and Jamie soon became fast friends encouraging each other in hilarious silliness with Laura acting as surrogate mother, big sister, childminder/ entertainer and teacher.

Mike and Angie enjoying an early evening beer…..not the first and definitely not the last!

From that point on we spent every holiday together camping. Us in our various vans and the Eastwoods, initially in “Southfork” a vast and labour intensive trailer tent, later a caravan and most recently a motorhome! Our holidays together continued even after they emigrated to Australia although they were far less frequent for obvious reasons.

Together, every summer we explored the glories of France gradually moving further and further south in our wanderings. Then one summer we accidentally on purpose bumped into our other close friends ….the Pearces. We had known Michael, Maggie, Lara and Faye for many years. They also had a VW camper, our children attended the same school, Maggie and I shared childcare so it made perfect sense to link up and enjoy camping holidays and adventures en masse.

Maggie and Michael in front of their VW camper.

We were also lucky enough to be joined at various points by other mutual friends on our camping trips and regularly we would be catering for over 16 people! Not an easy feat with just 2 hobs, a remoska and a BBQ; but enormous fun.

The three families outside the Pearces van…..sometime……….somewhere…in France.

6 thoughts on “And then there were 8…or was it 12….or……..?

  1. Ah lovely memories of fantastic family holidays. Even harder for us washer uppers when there were 16 of us!
    Also love that fact jamies holding onto his harry potter book in that last photo!!!


  2. Just spent ten minutes reminding mum about the background/history to these ‘meet ups’. Maybe to be followed up in my blog… watch this space!!

    Liked by 1 person

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