We’re Desperate…..Dan!!!

Only 2 weeks to go to our Arran adventure and there is still so much to do!

One burning issue has been to make sure that the van is ready. Having got it through its annual vehicle and engine MOT a week ago……yet again at great expense…. the only problem remaining was our lack of hot water.

On our trip south to Oxford and Eastleigh last month we discovered, when we filled up with fresh water, that the dump valve wouldn’t close properly and so was flooding water out and that we couldn’t get the hot water taps to work. At first we were convinced that it was just us being inept and that the cause was something simple and easy to rectify. We tried turning the valve on and off several times and although the flood lessened to a constant dribble the problem remained and no matter how long we left the taps on “warm” nothing came out.

In desperation we emailed “Caravan Dan” http://caravandan.co.uk/, where we had had our interior serviced in February, could he tell us simple fools what we were doing wrong.

We knew that this was his busiest time of year and that he was fully booked up for weeks so we were just looking for advice. But he was better than that and offered to squeeze us in to his packed schedule, if we could only get the van to his workshop in Keighley on Friday morning at 9:00 sharp he would sort us out before he began his days work!

Fabulous! As the journey from Leeds to Keighley is a bit gutty in rush hour traffic and as we would have to first drive out and collect the van from its storage in Yeadon first we thought we would make a trip away out of it all. So we booked up to stay at Newsholme Manor http://www.newsholmemanor.co.uk/ on Thursday evening.

This certified site is just 5 minutes outside of Keighley and has hard standing and hook up for 5 vans with wonderful views across the valley as it is situated at the top of a hill. There is a restaurant at the manor but it was closed on Thursdays. The only downside of the site is that it has no toilet facilities although it does have a chemical toilet disposal point.

An additional plus is that only a short walk away …..downhill…is the lovely Turkey Inn at the village of Goose Eye.

We had a delicious meal there, as ever, on Thursday, but were sad to hear that the present owners were leaving.

We arrived at Dan’s workshop bright and early on Friday morning at 9 to find he was just opening up for us. He soon identified our first issue…the lack of hot water. The pipe leading from the boiler was entirely bunged up with gunge and detritus that had accumulated from the boiler. Once he had cleared that and replaced the pipe he discovered that the dump valve was broken and so replaced that too. By 10 o clock the job was finished and we were on our way…..to our next campsite at Hebden Bridge where we were meeting some friends in their newly acquired camper!!

All thanks to “Caravan Dan”….our hero!

4 thoughts on “We’re Desperate…..Dan!!!

  1. Agreed. I’ve been impressed by Dan’s knowledge and expertise since becoming a customer and he went ‘above and beyond the call of duty’ in helping us out recently.

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  2. The van looks new Fiona. Looks like a great time at Maggie’s. Can`t believe its finally here. Bet you can`t either!! Will call Gaz this evening as a bon voyage message.

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  3. Thanks,Mike. We can’t believe the time has finally come around. More packing tomorrow….foodstuff and clothes and then we are off on Tuesday to arrive at Lochranza Wednesday afternoon. Pip pip.


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