Bluebell Memories

Spring is definitely my favourite season and this part of spring when the bluebells are in full bloom is the best. Our garden shimmers with a haze of misty blue and in doing so recalls memories.

A haze of bluebells on The Ridge yesterday

Unlike the usual stereotypes of a cosily married couple it is Gary who remembers our special dates and anniversaries. He is the memory man. I tend to have a more vague memory for such occasions pinned to the back of my mind more by a slight flavour or essence of the original event.

So indeed, I do remember our wedding day. It happened at this time in spring when the bluebells were in full dance and the smell of the May flowers hung in the air. It happened on the Friday of the May Day bank holiday and, so Gary tells me, it happened 30 years ago yesterday. Perhaps if I write the date out here, the numbers will stick to the front of my mind and not disappear in the clouds of remembrances which clutter my mind and fill up my memory bank. April 28th 1989!

….signing the register with our lovely Laura

With Gary’s Mum and Dad
The three Lovelace siblings

Bob was our best man and I remember him leading everyone in a fit of the giggles during the wedding vows due to the pompous nature of the male registrar. I also remember him lewdly sticking Laura’s posy down the front of his trousers in this photograph….until we insisted he removed it!

The very special French gateau ordered as a surprise wedding cake by our good friends Jeff and Neil
A picture for Elsa……of her Mum, Dad and Uncle Alan in different times!

We don’t usually celebrate our wedding anniversary but as it was a special one we thought we would, after all our kids had made the effort earlier in the week for us.

So, in the late afternoon we wandered down through the wooded Ridge breathing in the heavenly scents of the May flowers, past the haze of bluebells and wild garlic to a small Italian restaurant/cafe in Meanwood- Culto.

Now as you cannot book a table in advance and as it had been very busy the last time we were there we were a little concerned that we might not be able to get a table. But the restaurant section was empty and we had our pick of where to sit. This situation did not last long as within half an hour the place was completely packed , mostly with young families seeking an early evening meal. And no wonder, great value, high quality eating !

Food was delicious, Gary had a great pizza Diavola with spicy sausage and a nicely risen crust and I had a fabulous Mille Folle- layers of aubergine, courgette, tomato mozzarella and ricotta.

Later we met Laura and Maggie and went to the Meanwood Institute to watch a friend’s band, The Hollow Men previously Full English Breakfast perform a gig they called A song for Europe and other English Tunes.

The institute is a very small and intimate venue, not much bigger than our sitting room.

We have seen the band play many times before, they are all very talented musicians who can play a wide variety of instruments.One of their specialities however are the beautiful and at times haunting songs which they sing A Cappella.

Most of the music they play are covers of fairly well known songs but all done in the bands own style.In last nights selection the most famous items included Bus Stop by the Hollies, Cliff Richards’ The Young Ones, Debris by Ronnie Lane and Michelle by the Beatles. They also played two songs especially in honour of our imminent departure for Arran….a very tongue in cheek Donald Where’s Your Troosers and a moving song by Robert Burns about a happily married old couple called John Anderson, My Jo.

Yet another brilliant musical evening, this time to raise money for Leeds Refugee Forum and also for those affected by cyclone Idai in Malawi. And at a mere £5 per person what a bargain!

Fun and goodwill all in one event!

8 thoughts on “Bluebell Memories

  1. So many memories and comments. We’ve always done weddings, birthdays and anniversaries our way. And, of course, we’re still going strong despite heavy bottomed pans and other items being smacked on my head (I exaggerate not, dear reader). And we’re undoubtedly lucky to have such talented, lovely and generous friends.

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