Round and About…..

I am struggling to write posts as regularly as usual as the strength of the campsite Wi-Fi signal is variable.

When the site is busy, which it has been for most of May it is impossible to connect.

In fact I am writing this on my phone in the lovely Ormidale hotel at Brodick .

Here are a few pictures of wildlife and views round and about the Lochranza campsite and golf course.

A pair of Golden Eagles nest on the hill at the back of the campsite. We have seen them fly over but we haven’t been able to get a photo of them yet. So you will have to make do with pictures of sheep,deer and rabbits which pose quite happily for everyone.

Although Gary did spot this rare beast in the campsite office the other day…..

…this is especially for Mick and Angie who wanted to see me in my warden’s uniform.

5 thoughts on “Round and About…..

  1. Just looks fabulous Fiona!! As we have experienced Lochranza for ourselves we can relate to a lot of your travails. The weather looks to have been kind. My abiding
    wish would be to be checked in by you and Commandant Gazza in future.On an aside Fi. I am just listening to your playlist from Uzes last year!! Oh the memories. xx

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    1. It is utterly fabulous and we have had great fun exploring other parts of the island. On Sunday there was a tremendous rainstorm overnight with 40mph winds….the van was really rockin and a rollin and we thought of you and Angie at Portree. Uzes is lovely and we had a great time there last year, we will miss our annual visit!


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