Artistic advice needed!

Remember the Arran Temperature blanket?

During our stay on Arran I planned to make a Temperature Blanket based upon the C2C Temperature Blanket MAL pattern by Esther Dijkstra from .

To that end I carefully selected 30 shades of mostly acrylic DK yarn that would provide a graduated selection of colours to correspond to temperatures that ranged from -3 to 26 degrees.

I also decided to use both the minimum and maximum temperatures reached each day to create the blanket so that each day would have 2 rows.

However, in practice I soon discovered this meant that there would not be a gradual colour change across the blanket, as there is usually about between 4 and 6 degrees difference between the minimum and maximum temperatures. Meaning that in reality there is a wide colour change between each row.

Here is my Arran blanket for our first month on Arran, of May.

After the first few days of making I began to feel uneasy about the constantly stripey pattern I was creating but ploughed on as I thought I just needed to get used to it. I did enjoy the fact that the blanket was recording the variable weather we were experiencing and the randomness of the colours it threw up.

Then a couple of days ago I thought I would try a test sample for the month of May just using the minimum temperatures. I did consider making it into a cushion using the maximum temperatures for the other half of the rectangle.

This is how it has worked out so far.

The camera has bleached out the pale lilac on both photos so that it looks like a pale grey. So the colours are not as vivid as in reality. But you can see that the colours have a slightly more gradual change and in some cases where the minimum remained the same for several days there is accordingly a block of the same shade.

Which version do you prefer, please ?

And do you have any other thoughts about how I could develop this project using both sets of temperature records.

Your thoughts will be greatly appreciated!

9 thoughts on “Artistic advice needed!

  1. I have been pondering your dilemma all afternoon! I think, in the end, I prefer your first option – the alternating max and min colours. Even though the colours are different and slightly random, you get an emerging feel for the ebbing and flowing of the temperatures. Presumably, as time moves on, both the max and min temperatures will rise, so the overall essence of the colours used will gradually morph towards and away from the warmer shades. So the overall effect will be undulating, while close up you will have lots of interesting colour pairs (a bit like the landscape seeming flatter from a plane, and of course much more detailed up close). Having said all of that, though, it’s your project and you need to find it pleasurable to make. So go with your gut feeling. You can always make another one afterwards lol! 🙂

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    1. Thanks for your help, advice and considerations. When I look at the photos there actually doesn’t seem as much difference as I felt between the two….after all they are the same colours….just presented differently. Both options definitely show the cooler temperatures that we have had this May.
      I might go back to my second thought which was to continue with the min and max blanket and also make cushions for each month with one side reflecting the minimum temps and the other the maximum. Ho hum. Will have to sleep on it! Thanks again.

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  2. Looks really nice so far – I like the first one more I think, the variety of colours look really nice.
    I’ve always wanted to do a temperature blanket but I’m terrible with long term projects like that! I did toy with the idea if doing something that was double sided using both min and max temperatures so that one side had the colours for min temps and the other the colours for max temps but I never got passed that point in the thought process.

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    1. Thank you, Emma . I did wonder about making it two sided with the min and max temps. It looks as if most people are like you and prefer my first attempt, so I will probably persevere with that. Whatever, it will be a good reminder of my time on Arran.

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      1. I think the first one with min and max temps would make a really nice blanket but you could try make a cushion cover out of just the min temp sample and you could have a cool matching set. 🙂

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