Antidote for days of dreary rain… of a memorable Spring day on Arran

Yes, I know the gardens and farms needed rain after a near drought earlier in the year….but after days and days of the stuff and flood warnings in abundance it is good to remember drier days!

One of those days involved a beautiful circular walk on Arran from Lamlash, around Clauchlands Point and up to the prehistoric fort of Dun Fionn and then a return to Lamlash.

Throughout this walk there were great views of Holy Isle and of Lamlash Bay which was Scotlands first No Take Zone.

The walk hugs the coast before rising steeply uphill to a narrow path along the cliffs to the ancient hilltop fort of Dun Fionn. Not one to be attempted in high winds but on a warm Spring day it made for a lovely little toddle for two aging, occasional walkers.

The views from Dun Fionn were stunning all ways and provided a good view of Goatfell in the distance beyond Brodick as well as the distant Ayrshire coastline.

With its fantastic rocky ramparts Dunn Fionn was a brilliant and inevitable, choice position for a hill fort as can be seen in the pictures below.

Looking back, up the steep mound of the hill fort

This was a lovely, fresh Spring day and the bluebells that clothe the areas around the base of the hill were in full bloom.

Then it was back to Lamlash to the Pier Head Tavern, for as we all know, it isn’t a proper walk without a pub at the end.

A bit empty downstairs as everyone was enjoying the sun upstairs on the patio

As well as great beer the Pier Head Tavern has a fabulous balcony patio that overlooks Lamlash bay.

It also has a tiny but beautifully presented terraced garden……..

Complete with surprising driftwood sculpture…….

Who does this remind you of?

4 thoughts on “Antidote for days of dreary rain… of a memorable Spring day on Arran

  1. Gorgeous! We stayed at the Glenisle Hotel in Lamlash when we last visited – so wonderful to be able to step out and immediately take in the lovely bay and view to Holy Isle.

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