Waterfall walk in Glen Sannox

Yesterday it stopped raining and there was definitely sunshine! However, by the time we had got our shoes and coats on for a walk on the ridge it had started raining again. Undeterred we set off for a little potter in the rain.

As long as I can get dry at the end I don’t mind walking in the rain and even enjoy it. This was certainly the case a few weeks ago when we walked up Glen Sannox following several days of rain to see the waterfalls there.

This short, easy walk starts at the car park off the A841 by North Sannox Bridge. It is a very straightforward walk on well made paths and even in the rain and mist had dramatic views of the waterfall series and of North Glen Sannox itself.

Just setting off from the car park…..in heavy rain and mist…complete with boots and several layers of clothing!

At the very start of the walk, by a footbridge, the path split into two. We took the left hand track which headed off into the forest. The other track, which intuitively and wrongly so, seemed a more obvious choice for a river walk, simply leads to a bench with a great view of the burn.

The walk through the forest was truly lovely, all the lush vegetation was displayed in various shades of vivid green and the smell of pine was heavenly. In addition the trees gave good cover against the incessant rain.

As we climbed higher up the glen….again a fairly easy ascent…we had wonderful views of the narrowing gorge and a series of dashing , foam filled waterfalls.

As you come out of the forest there should be a fabulous view of the jagged ridge of Glen Sannox. Sadly, all we could see was mist and low cloud.

We will have to return on another day for a better view and at least a glimpse of the Witches Step (Ceum na Caillich) and the rocky outline provided by Caisteal Abhail.

View back down the glen complete with lowering clouds

Hardier souls would probably have continued on once the path ended at a fence and might even have attempted to reach the summit of Caisteal Abhail via Carn Mor ridge but we opted to return to the car . After all we had to seek out the ending to a good walk in the rain….a cosy pub.

We knew exactly where we were headed…..Crofters at Brodick for some live music!

One thought on “Waterfall walk in Glen Sannox

  1. The waterfalls look amazing in full flow, great photos. I think it has been about 12 years since we walked up North Glen Sannox to the fence. I wish we’d had time to do this when we were over. Always so much to see and do!

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