What no posts???…..but lots of extreme excuses…..

I have no real excuse for my lack of posts the last month or so! There have, however, been some impediments of varying magnitude which have hindered my posting capacity.

  • Firstly we have been very fortunate to be distracted by a large influx of personal visitors, both good friends and close family. In total, so far, we have had over 22 different visitors with more planning to arrive soon! Altogether they have stayed here for over 40 days and nights. More than Jesus spent wandering
    in the wilderness!

Thalia and Adam came from the furthest away, New Zealand. Here they are enjoying an evening around the campfire.

What with providing food, accommodation, acting as island tour guides as well as working on the campsite little time has been left for blogging. But what fun we all have had and some very memorable days.

Elsa and Steve enjoyed Arran so much that they came twice! Here they are with their lovely doggies as well at the Blackwaterfoot Beer festival.

Said doggies, travel in style when they are out cycling….

  • Secondly, the internet / wifi connection at the campsite is variable and at times it is so saturated with people trying to use it that I cannot upload posts or pictures.
  • Thirdly and by no means least, we have experienced 2 floods on the campsite during August. With the first being of such a cataclysmic/ apocalyptic nature that it caused a great deal of damage and upheaval which in turn meant a huge clean up and reparation of the site was needed. Leaving very little time to even consider posting blogs about it !!!

But more about the floods later…..

In the meantime here is the headline about it from the local paper, the Arran Banner.

3 thoughts on “What no posts???…..but lots of extreme excuses…..

      1. Oh God!! My husband and I love them … we had a miniature wire haired one when I was a child who was gorgeous but had a tendency to get into my bed and refuse to let me in.


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