Little Children…

Lochranza in September

As Autumn approaches and the Arran landscape changes colour the type of visitor coming to the campsite has changed accordingly.

With the Autumn weather beginning to bite there are significantly fewer tents pitching up midweek.

The tent field empty except for 2 tents.

As Scottish and English children are all back at school the average age of our campers has increased. Now we have the Baby Boomers sometimes referred to as the Silver Surfers arriving in expensive motorhomes and campervans often bought with retirement, pension lump sums.

Sid, our resident hawklike seagull, prowls the campsite in vain for tasty morsels he can scavange or steal from unsuspecting campers.

Sid surreptitiously looking the other way…

Apparently one year a camper had left his walking boots outside his tent tied up inside a bin bag. A hungry seagull espied the bag and being unable to peck it open did the next best thing and picked the bag up, boots and all, and flew away with them. The site wardens chased the bird shouting and waving their arms  it eventually dropped the bag and boots on the other side of the burn!

Seagulls are not the only scavengers on site! The deer jump the fences and come on during the night searching for better quality grass…they will try to eat anything…..including a backpackers Rice Krispies that he left in a carrier bag outside his tent!

However, back to the rise in the ages of our visitors. There have been no children on site for several weeks. Then last night as we prepared our evening meal in the van we were sure we heard a childs voice. Were we imagining it?

Further signs that children were on site became apparent in the ladies washroom… Opal Fruit abandoned in the bottom of a wash basin.

And some flowers on the toilet cistern…..

Yes….there are definitely children on site!

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