A Last Hurrah To Raasay BC.

View from Raasay ferryport towards Skye and the Cuillins.

I hadn’t been to Raasay to visit my beautiful, if slightly deranged and certainly dangerous, big sister for over 18 months.

Sue, enjoying a car journey with Rupert Bear on one of our shopping trips when she lived at Rawcliffe Bridge.

At Christmas and New Year when Sue was being held hostage on Raasay by her cantankerous cat, Mrs. Pussykinookins we had promised to make visiting her in the coming New Year a priority.

That Bloody Cat alias Mrs Pussikinookins, the cat who wouldn’t die, snoozing in front of Sue’s wonderfully warm, Raasay stove.

Mrs Pussikinoookins otherwise known by her family and friends as “That Bloody Cat” or “The Cat Who Wouldnt Die” has been holding Sue hostage on Raasay ever since the vet diagnosed her with a terminal illness and only a few weeks left to live………. 3 years ago.

A younger and healthier Mrs Pussikinookins when she lived at Rawcliffe Bridge.

The poor animal is also suffering from a type of dementia which includes screaming, vocal anxiety whenever she isn’t safely ensconced on her owners lap and a form of extreme, revenge bowel evacuation. Consequently, Sue feels unable to visit her friends and close family in Gateshead and Yorkshire even though she has had diverse offers by friends on Raasay to feed the cat so she could escape its tyranny.

Sue cooking bacon for folks attending a willow weaving craft day in the East Riding of Yorkshire.

Expecting kind friends to not only visit and feed the cat twice a day but also play hunt the cat poo game and then assiduously clean it up seemed above and beyond the call of duty.

Mrs Pussikins was a stray when she kindly decided to adopt Sue over 15 years ago. In the intervening years she has lived with Sue in 4 different houses and locations. Without a doubt a very strong and loyal bond has been forged between them. She appears to be very distressed when Sue is not around and equally Sue would be devastated if she died whilst Sue was away. So as far as Sue was concerned she couldn’t leave Raasay as she couldn’t abandon “That Bloody Cat”.

Sue and Elsa, her eldest daughter at Calum’s Road on Raasay

Now, Sue has made many good and wonderful friends on Raasay who all enjoy her company and support her, but she still misses her family and friends from south of the border. And we most definitely miss her and all her eccentricities!!!

Sue at Portmeirion Botanic garden trying out a different mode of travel.

So our promise that we would visit was quite important to both her and us. Initially, we hoped to go up in January but it is a long way….about 450 miles….and it takes us 2 or 3 days of travelling in our van so we needed to put a good chunk of time aside to be able to make the journey and spend a fair bit of time with Sue.

January came and went. We identified 10 days in February but on chatting to Sue it seemed possible that she and her youngest daughter were hoping to meet up then.

Definitely missing her mum is Rachael, Sue’s youngest daughter. Here she is with Georgia, one of Sue’s granddaughters and her partner, Ben.

Finally, we agreed a date in early March and arranged such things as the Van’s MOT around the proposed date. Everything was set for a trip to Scotland and Raasay! And boy were we ready for it!

Ruins of Brochel Castle on Raasay.

To be continued……..

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